This job is perfect for young teens looking to gain a portfolio of experience for their CV or future employers, if you are interested in entering the world of content and marketing, content writing or proofreading.

You will need to be punctual, know how to use WordPress or be quick to learn, and have/develop good team building and organizational skills.

The requirements are:

Manage the posts on a website. We need 3 articles a week on the following: feminism, politics, news, music, pop culture, health and beauty, self-care, philosophy.

This volunteer position will enable you to learn how to manage a team of writers, who are also volunteering their services – we are all in this to gain experience and most importantly build an awesome portfolio. You must be able to arrange and schedule writers to submit posts through email on Google docs, three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). You must post a monthly roundup article once a month on pop culture and recent news events (example available for reference).

It would also be expected for you to design catchy, bright and enthralling featured images to represent the articles on the home page of the site. You may recruit somebody else to do this if you deem it necessary – of course stating Copyrights and credits wherever available.

The recruiter is available to chat about this over a phone call or email chain.

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