About Kate.

Kate is a social media marketing consultant with over 2 years of experience of designing and directing marketing campaigns, designing websites, and optimizing social media presence for companies appealing to the more technologically apt demographic.

YellowScribe was founded in 2017 by Kate who then continued to develop different sectors within the small business. By early 2018, a website was already established and YellowScribe had 15 writers on board to contribute towards our website posts.

Then, we saw an influx of interaction. We had to give you more! So, we created YellowScribe the Magazine, which we didn’t have the budget to produce unfortunately – although the campaign launch went so well.

YellowScribe, now over 50 team members strong, is starting from the beginning. Except we’re doing it properly this time.

We have teams that are happy to take on your inquiries, answer your calls and respond to your emails.

We want to

Start from the beginning, except do it right.

By assigning experts where they thrive the most.

Launch a YellowScribe magazine available to the general public

Before 2025

Develop our company so we can actually employ staff.

Rather than everyone volunteering.

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