Fridays with Afrah: Hitler’s Intentions.

Here’s part four of the Hitler conspiracy (written by Kate), I hope you enjoy. Hitler’s Intentions: It is important to note how Adolf Hitler was tied to so many cults, theories and groups that there are so many different plausible theories. Hitler could have been operating alone, Eva could have been a facade, he couldContinue reading “Fridays with Afrah: Hitler’s Intentions.”

First Impressions.

By: Rida Bari. Are first impressions to be trusted? Should we train ourselves to delay making judgements? Does love at first sight exist? “First impressions are last impressions.” “Make sure you cast a good first impression.” These are some examples of very common phrases that we’ve been hearing since we were old enough to speak.Continue reading “First Impressions.”

Just Because I Smile.

•~M.A❤️ Just because I smileJust because I smile,you think I am not hurt.Just because I laugh too hard,you think I am not hurt.Just because I cry at the tiniest of things,you think I am weak.Just because I over-feel,just because I overreact,you think,I don’t know how to love.JUST BECAUSE I SMILE. Follow her on Instagram @maha_clicksContinue reading “Just Because I Smile.”

The Sky.

By Youmna Khaled. The sky is stilldespite the wailingof the wind.Despite the revivalof autumn aftera short death withno funeral.Locks of my hairbreak free.Dancing the wayamateur birds flyin an infinity of glee.Letting go andfloating to a rhythmthey needn’t control.I am the sky,so stubborn.My gospel a chorusof silent pride.The sky is meholding a sun anda moon withContinue reading “The Sky.”

Fridays With Afrah!

Hello again! For the conspiracy portion of ‘Fridays With Afrah’, I have for you the second of the three part theory about Adolf Hitler. Enjoy this fascinating theory written by Kate! The Rothschilds Connection: The Rothschilds used their illegitimate sons as a patriotic front, with no nepotism suspected. Nepotism meaning, the practice among those withContinue reading “Fridays With Afrah!”