First Impressions.

By: Rida Bari.

Are first impressions to be trusted? Should we train ourselves to delay making judgements? Does love at first sight exist?

“First impressions are last impressions.” “Make sure you cast a good first impression.” These are some examples of very common phrases that we’ve been hearing since we were old enough to speak. However, are first impressions that essential? Or are they just another source of stress in our already hectic lives?

There’s a lot of toxicity in our society due to first impressions, since they don’t leave room for improvement. If, for example, someone fails to make a good first impression and we judge them on that basis for the rest of their lives, they will never strive for betterment. Furthermore, first impressions can be misleading in a lot of ways i.e a person having a bad day might snap at someone, but only because that’s human nature, and not because they’re rude. We should train ourselves to delay making judgements, to prevent the formation of a cruel and harsh society. To create a compassionate environment, we shouldn’t judge anyone based on something they cannot change.

First impressions rely solely on the fact that you judge someone, based on how they look, or how they act. This is where “love at first sight” comes in to play, as looks can be deceiving. You can become infatuated with someone the first time you meet them, but you cannot fall in love with them since that requires you to know the person. “Love at first sight” is a fairytale concept, according to which, people who aren’t outwardly beautiful do not deserve love.

To conclude, since people come from all walks of life, everyone should be given a fair chance to prove themselves and their abilities, regardless of caste, colour, creed, and financial background. We, as humans, have excelled in all fields of life, except that of humanity, where we’re still standing right where we were a few centuries ago. Let’s move past the childishness of first impressions and preach to our society that first impressions are never the last impressions.

The Sun Is Also A Star : BookReview

But time and distance are love’s natural enemies

– The Sun Is Also A Star

Have you ever found that romantic & polite boy, not to mention, a poet too? Well if you haven’t, you may be looking for a Daniel Bae type. Daniel is the good son, the good student, and the good any and everything. Unlike his brother, who is much more of a mess, and is very narcissistic. Daniel does believe in love & fate, unlike his crush jamaica-born pragmatist Natasha Kingsley. Natasha believes in science and facts and neither in love nor in destiny. And of course not the kind of a girl to fall in love with a boy. Not when her family is being deported from the US to Jamaica. 

Meanwhile, Daniel Bae is preparing for an interview for Dartmouth’s medical school program. He comes from a Korean family, and his parents Dae Hyun and Min Soo encourage him to pursue a career as a doctor. 

Daniel and his friend Omar get on the subway only to be in the same subway car as Natasha when it stalls for a moment. The conductor takes the time to reassure the passengers that everything is fine. He begins telling a story about a friend who missed a train on 9/11 and, had he been on time, would have died since he worked at the World Trade Center. He concludes his point with the notion that they are there for a reason. And, that you should “open your heart to destiny.” The guys get off at Grand Central Station, where Daniel spots Natasha and is instantly smitten with her. He also notices her jacket, which reads “Deus Ex Machina”, a phrase he had been thinking about the same morning. Because of this, he realizes he has to go after her. Did I show enough reasons why Daniel is a real keeper ( a hopeless romantic too)?

Natasha is walking down the street while listening to music, unaware of a crazed driver on the road. Daniel sees him and rushes to save Natasha before she walks into the driver’s path, such a superhero. She’s a little shaken up and goes to sit down. Daniel sits next to her to talk to for a while. He couldn’t help but stare at her face enough, while his eyes spoke what he felt. Daniel says to himself he’ll do an experiment where he can make her fall in love with him in a day. He tells her about a survey that was taken between couples to determine whether they truly love each other. He asks Natasha some questions, trying to impress her. She, however, isn’t impressed and thinks it’s corny. 

On the long journey through the book, Daniel will be uncovering and genuinely willing to win Natasha’s heart, before leaving from the US. Furthermore, some good peaks had to be revealed.

  1. Everything happens for a reason.
  2. You have to start at the beginning.
  3. No one is supposed to be good at everything.
  4. Everyone loses something sometimes.
  5. To grow up is to grow apart.
  6. Having dreams never killed anybody.
  7. Separation is not fatal.
  8. Life doesn’t always go the way you plan.
  9. Everyone has at least a little good in them.
  10. The eyes are the windows to the soul.
  11. Time counts.
  12. If you don’t go now, you’ll always regret it.
  13. You can’t persuade someone to love you.
  14. Uncertainty is your enemy.
  15. Almost everyone believes that there’s some meaning, some willfulness in life.
  16. Nothing lasts forever.
  17. No one can put a price on losing everything.

The odds are stacked against our central couple due to their fundamental differences — not only their cultural ones but their personalities. She’s a realist; he’s a dreamer. She thinks love is just a series of chemicals that create temporary feelings of arousal and intimacy, while he believes in fate and soulmates and two people — them, in particular — being “meant to be.” What else but fate, he suggests, could’ve led to their meet-cute and subsequent coincidences that brought them together? But despite their many differences, these two are both outsiders from immigrant families. They’re at odds with their parents and struggle to be true to themselves. They find something in each other that sparks a sense of safety, happiness, and ultimately love — even if their future together is uncertain. 

A Hopeful Romantic : Poetry pieces & Book Review

Love is the only word that might take number one False Billboard Crown. Think about it: how many people used love in anything? How many people refer to love as a lovey-dovey relationship thing? Love is a widely misused and misunderstood word. There is nothing left to call upon love except water till now.

Love is a meaningful and very complicated word; a word not to be used randomly and unwisely. It is is not just a four-letter word. It is more than a feeling of belonging and should not be a shame either. I believe that love is what makes us grow together or apart, and it is certainly not just a hopeless phase of life. So dear folks don’t be mean, but I want to love and feel loved. You may think I am a hopeless romantic. There is more to it than you think, though.  Love is a feeling of appreciation for anything you adore or enjoy having around. 

So, I wrote my very first poetry book titled “ A Hopeful Romantic.” I wrote this book as I wanted to share the number of affections I have for everything from different perspectives. My mom and friends call me a hopeless romantic because I always write about love scenes and listen to love songs. I used to be ashamed of myself because of this, but I realized it is not only me who thinks of love and it is no shame to be in love, even with your teddy bear. It is a feeling of appreciation for anything you adore or enjoy having around.

Love is anything that makes you feel safe. Family and friends are love, you and yourself are love, and you and your partner are love. Love is where you can feel complete and secure enough to live. It is not a shame to want to love and feel loved. I felt letting out this book for everyone on the planet to read, would make hopeful romantics like me feel relatable.

Not to waste your time, even more, my book is going to be on Amazon on 20th March 2020 in collaboration with Yellow Scribe Publishings.

If you want to have a look at what you will purchase, here are the links where you can review the book:

Excerpts from the book :

From the rooftop

Across the roof

I saw you,

dangling your long

bare white legs.

It was almost 5 AM

when I waved at you as if to say,

“Would you like to meet?”

I sipped my tea

while you smiled,

and said, “Yes, my dear.”

How beautiful could someone be

talking about historic

incidents? I see,

my way to get you to,

Be with me.

Sad- Happy Something

It was like someone else

lived inside her, he was her best

friend, first love at the pacific ocean.

He was that gleam of sunshine of her life

And her coat on cold and sad nights.

He was that everything when there was nothing.

He became the sad-happy something.

A princess for the night

A heart on sleeve,

Fantasy, I create

So I can seal

To be a princess of

Dreams, I want to be

Would you take my hand?

Kiss my forehead, and ask me

To dance?

Isn’t it both funny and sad?

How dreaming of you,

Is plain and blank?

A pretty mess

The way you,

Hug me, tell

The skies

How pretty

I might be.

The way you,

Tell me, show

The nights

How loved

I should be.

The way you,

Ask me, wonder

The morning

How sad

I would be.

Is all something,

Too small, to engulf

To be in love.

You’re my one

Do you remember when we were both broke?

And we cried for so long,

Yet laughed even more

Moments with you,

Are what I always want.

Ancient Notebooks

Unfolding the pages,

Of ancient and torn


Holding stories that are

Hidden and untold

Almost erased and


But there’s once,

Every part of the time

You do belong in a line of

Scars of the past,

 there is dust

On a blank rhyme that

You might like to

Sing at some point

Who am I?

Touching my edges,

Running my fingers

In circles, over my pimples

Biting my swollen lips

Combing my tangled hair and

Asking myself:

“Are you a girl?”

Not wearing any classy dresses,

Just in my hoodies and socks.

Listening to my love songs,

All-day and all-night-long.

Would you ask me out?

Or are you too paralyzed to be seen in a crowd with me?

I am not the mess you see,

I am just a girl,

trying to find me,

before I get lost in the crowd.

Did you come yet?

The weather was cold,

And I was lost

Between snowflakes, and

Calling your name

Hours passed by, and

I cried waiting

For you to tell me,

“I am here, and it’s alright”

My nose turned red,

And I couldn’t speak

 or even move a bit

Did you come yet?

What’s love?

I have been asking this

A lot lately, and it became so much

that even I lost track of a defined answer

I want to follow up, though.

Is it when we like something?

Or is it when we love something?

Is it when we try?

Or is it when we say goodbyes?

When the lips meet,

What happens next.

Does it get deeper?


I have been wondering now

What’s love?

Since I lost you, I have lost track

of what love is too.

Vlog : A Day In My Life


This article is like a vlog of my life except it is written. So as far as I can tell everyone is happy with the quarantine and it is a big trend now on social media. Humans never fail to make anything go viral. Thousands of influencers and content creators are happily filming day in my life vlogs in self-quarantine. To me though, this is not the best time, and I have been getting severely depressed because (1) the news is always about the world ending and (2) because I am home and I cannot tolerate my own family. 


As the only daughter in my family, it is disturbing to me. Not seeing my close friends is a big deal to me. I am not allowed to do what I want to do. I have always watched anything. I have to take care of my baby brother, and not to mention I have to sleep late (boring family gatherings) and yet wake up way early to finish my work and studying. I believe by now you might sympathize with me, but I have got good news for you: I am still figuring it out, but I have put together a list of things that I believe would both reduce your anxiety and boredom as it did mine.


I always seek to improve myself and elevate my skills, and this led me to enroll into three different websites for free courses: ‘Google Digital Garage’, ‘Alison’, and ‘TheBigKnow.’  They not only changed the way I used to think, but they also motivated me to work harder and made my mental state way better. Next, I watch some motivating and inspirational Ted Talks. Of course, I do not want to talk about my depressive phase, but these videos did help me a lot through it. Third, I started working on my next book and am having the best (sort of) time in my life. My point here is, whatever it is that you’ve wanted to do for so long, start doing it now.


Fourth, re-clean your room as much as you can (wardrobe, shelves, and even your makeup tools too). It is a fact that when you deep clean your room two times a month, it lessens the negative energy in your surroundings.  Fifth, it might be too lame but if you have acne like me, try out new homemade masks, and figure what is suiting your skin. Furthermore, try to enroll into online volunteer organization so you can see what might suit you later on, for instance, social media manager, content editor, content writing, or see what positions they do have that might suit you. Always use the skills you have to help someone else. At some point in our lives, we have to give freely without expecting something in return. You can also start teaching courses online (for free!) in what you find yourself talented in and capable enough to help someone. I am currently teaching an English course for beginners and intermediate student who want to learn how to write and speak fluently. One last thing that keeps me sane is journaling when I wake up immediately. It helps me to calm down and release the anger I have in this current situation. It doesn’t have to be Grammarly right at all. It is not going to the White House, so don’t worry about any mistakes.


As much as I hate this sentence, and am tired of hearing it, stay home, wash your hands, and avoid encountering elderly, so they don’t get infected because of you. You might be a carrier of the virus, and you can bear it, but others cannot and will not be able to survive. Keep both the people you love and yourself in mind before taking any decision; so they and you can live longer. Thank you for tuning in to my vlog, don’t forget to leave a like and a comment, you know I love meeting new people.  

In My Arms.

Couple Embracing

As you lay here in my arms, I can’t help but wonder if you picture her here in my place.

My mind keeps bringing up scenarios of the two of you. I try hard to push back at them, but they always find a way to run wild.

Maybe you do instinctively think she will be here.

You stop yourself from calling out her name instead of mine.

When you reach out for my hand, a part of you still hopes it’s hers.

I keep dangling these maybes that make my mind a living hell, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

The warmth of my tea.

Image result for a steamy cup of tea aesthetic

By: Yomna Ameer.

The warmth of my tea;
a visible grey ghost
with a vintage smell,
alluringly dancing.
So loudly replacing the porch’s
silence with my escalating unease.
The moon is hushed.
He is a shade of a
grieving pearl, tonight.
He takes the night as a stage,
and narrates a whispered
goodbye between
the breaths of two parting lovers.
Though tonight my eyes only
see the smoke that my own
lips breathe out.
Tonight I am wearing a black
hoping to be a part of the sky
for a wanderer whose eyes
fall on the landscape from afar.
The ground beneath my feet
is beating with the steady
the rhythm of my very heart.
No sudden saddening change
of fate would dare touch
this hour of mine.
No hand would dare caress my skin.
No breath would dare whisper my name.
And when that hour passes
the blackness in my black eyes
will have restored its colours.
The tea remains
cold and untouched,
no taste left within its sips.
Its ghost abandoned its rhythms.
Just before you let go of the rope,
around the guillotine,
there is a moment of silence.
It is those moments of peace
that I shall eternally thrive within.
Beware the smoke.
Beware the stars that sneak
into your ceiling.
Beware the brink of insanity,
for it’s the lonely land where
the roots of my mind
find their home.
Beware the hopes that
steal smiles.
Beware the silence,
yet never interrupt mine.

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