Terpenes are awesome!

What are Terpenes and Terpenoids?  Terpenes and Terpenoids are terms used interchangeably to describe the volatile, aromatic molecules that evaporate easily and determine how things smell… But the two terms are slightly different.  Terpenes hold pharmacological significance; they are used in the popular holistic practise called ‘Aromatherapy’. Various Terpenes (there are over 20,000) contribute toContinue reading “Terpenes are awesome!”

Affordable ways to combat climate change as an individual

As a UK citizen in government-funded housing, on a wage of £4.35 an hour, believe me when I say I understand why some people don’t use metal straws. As previously discussed on Yellow Scribe, going green is a luxury that many just can’t afford, but here are some tried-and-tested ways that are either free or very cheap, that I’ve found I can commit to in my everyday life.

Don’t censor your style.

Don’t Conform Censorship. It’s everywhere, except not… Do you ever see celebrities being censored? I don’t mean celebrities being slut shamed by insecure far right conservatives, I mean the way Billie Eilish can rock the baggy look. I mean how Zendaya rocked up to the Met Gala dressed as a better version of Cinderella. FreedomContinue reading “Don’t censor your style.”

The Art To Organisation

Organisation plays a huge part in my life. As somebody with ocd (contamination, checking and hoarding), my lifestyle is directly impacted by how clean and how organised my surroundings are. Going on holiday/traveling is often a trigger for me, because I make lists- otherwise, the anxiety sets in. I check my lists four or five times and every time I get anxious.