Fridays with Afrah: Hitler’s Intentions.

Here’s part four of the Hitler conspiracy (written by Kate), I hope you enjoy. Hitler’s Intentions: It is important to note how Adolf Hitler was tied to so many cults, theories and groups that there are so many different plausible theories. Hitler could have been operating alone, Eva could have been a facade, he couldContinue reading “Fridays with Afrah: Hitler’s Intentions.”

Fridays with Afrah! Conspiracy Edition.

This incredible conspiracy theory has been written by none other than our very Kate! I found this particular one very interesting as it is about one of my favorite topics(in the world of conspiracies that is). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Is Area 51 researching aliens? Let’s investigate… AsContinue reading “Fridays with Afrah! Conspiracy Edition.”

Top 10 Halloween Songs

I’m a self professed Queen of Halloween.  To me, Halloween isn’t just a holiday- it’s a lifestyle.  After the first week of September, my Halloween decorations go up.  While everyone is closing their pools, I’m getting ready for ghouls and goblins and ghosts. I don’t know where I first fell in love with Halloween, butContinue reading “Top 10 Halloween Songs”