Kate’s Portfolio

Work Experience

Content & Marketing

​2019- 2020

In mid-2019 I was given the opportunity to work with Vedas CBD to design, market and distribute content and material that would boost sales across the company.

This role required prior knowledge of chemistry, biology, business and marketing skills. Although at the beginning I struggled to find my feet, I managed to adjust quickly and provide an amazing service for the client.

I am a respected member of the team and can always perform to meet deadlines, strenuous tasks and I’m always willing to go out of my comfort zone.

Kate back in 2018 on a radio podcast
Editor for a News Website 

​2018 – present

As well as the book that I co-write, I am an editor for the website conspiracycircle.com and I report on pressing issues which are associated with conspiracies and discuss both sides of the subject. Having got an A in English Literature and Language, I know how to structure compelling work and keep the reader hooked. Feel free to click the Conspiracy Circle link and have a look at the website.


​2017 – present

I co-write a book about conspiracy theories titled, “The Shocking Truth”, which will be out in bookstores in May. This work is paid on a monthly basis as I am proofreading and adding content to the book. This job means I have exceptional literary skills as well as being proficient in using punctuation and structuring interesting-to-read sentences and content for the readers to indulge in.

Web Content and Management

​2018 – present

Soon after beginning my cleaning job, I pitched my idea for a project to my boss about redesigning the company’s website. Prior to my redesign, the website was badly coded with HTML and the links didn’t work correctly, so once I was granted permission I set to work to redesign all of the logos and graphics.

Once this was done, I redirected the domain to a new website which I created with Wix, and added the content (this included writing posts about case studies, photographs and links to projects). I am updating the website upon request, so this job is not full time nor is it on a contract. It is more or less freelance. The website which I created and maintain is called corporateengineeringltd.co.uk, please feel free to have a look around.

Cleaning Operative

​2017 – 2019

​I began cleaning in 2017 and I am still doing it as a side job to earn extra money. I have completed numerous online health and safety courses which ensures I will use the safest products as to not subject any persons working in the space to any danger either by inhalation or irritation upon skin contact.


​2016 – 2017

​I gained my first lot of office experience when I was employed in an office for Basingstoke Water Softeners. My job was to take all calls and book customers into online appointments for my boss to follow through herself. I also had the responsibility of taking stock of the inventory which was delivered regularly and assigning products to customers for the delivery employees to take to their houses. My job involved a lot of telephone communication; I now have proficient skills with telephone communication as well as written communication skills in a professional environment.












Here’s a video I did for an advertisement for New York
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