You seem to have stumbled upon…

Happy Lil’ Leaf Throw


This adorably weedy little throw will keep you and your buddies warm in this treacherous weather.

YOU ARE HOT Luxury Tote


Make a statement by calling ALL of your surrounding comrades something that’ll make them smile. Or hard.

Happy Lil’ Leaf Case


Protect your expensive phone with a stoned hemp leaf. Classy ❤

YOU ARE HOT Slap Sticker


Slap it on anything. Wardrobe. Laptop. Dad’s head. A baby’s head. Your fridge. Your car. I really don’t mind where you put this sticker.

Happy Lil’ Leaf Stash


You’ll get a medal if you don’t audibly go ‘awwwww’ when you see Happy Lil’ Leaf on this ADORABLE zip up stash bag.

YOU ARE HOT Laptop Bag


Shield your (probably) most expensive belonging. Your laptop. Or huge iPad..?

Literally a shower curtain


I don’t see why you’d want a hemp leaf shower curtain but there’s something out there for everybody. Enjoy.



If you don’t ask your crush out wearing this then don’t even buy it.

Big Fat Floor Pillow


I don’t know what you’re into… But if you ever wanted to sit on Happy Lil’ Leaf’s face… Now’s your chance.

YOU ARE HOT Reusable Bag


Save the fuckin’ planet, you hottie.

Happy Leaf Wall Clock


This dope piece is made with modern printed polypropylene with a plexiglass face!

YOU ARE HOT Coasters


Now these are cute.

Luxury Hemp Tote


I’m sure you’d get some questionable looks donning this around town.

Happy Leaf Tapestry


These cute tapestries come in small, medium, and large.

Throw Cushion


Just a smaller version of the big fat floor pillow.

Lil’ Green Baggie


This cute little green baggie is made from 100% polyester-woven fabric, and is fitted with extra gentle straps so your shoulders won’t have a hard time.

Phone Case (Android)


Protect your valuable phone with this shock-absorbent, electric green case designed with the signature HempThreadz logo.

Phone Case (iPhone)


Unfortunately a cheaper version of the same case because everyone is biased towards iPhones. Fuck the system.

Lil’ Green Notebook


It’s a notebook. Please don’t ask me to write any more.

Slap Sticker


Take it, ya’ slapper.

Editor’s Favourite

Big Ol’ Travel Mug


Never spill your scolding hot drinks ever again… Hopefully.

Look Into My Eyes


Look into my eyes. My eyes. Not around the eyes. The eyes. You’re under. You will buy this t-shirt without question because you really want it. 3, 2, 1, you’re back in the room.

Look Into My Eyes


A longer, non-premium version of the other ‘Look Into My Eyes’ shirt. Despite the slightly lower quality thread, you’ll still get an amazingly comfy t-shirt.

Dope as fuck flask


This ‘Look Into My Eyes’ flask is funky and I’m not sure how you haven’t bought it already.

BELCH! Coasters


For when you’re feeling messy and burpy.

Love a good fackin’ notepad


The front says it all. Some people love BBQs, some hate them. I hate them.

BELCH! Travel Mug


Belch! Need I say more?

Love a good fackin’ travel flask


Never have to travel again. Wait no let me start again-

BELCH! Sweater


Keep yo’self warm with a sweatshirt with a gross word on it ❤

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